9 Tips For Making An Effective Landing Page

A Landing Page is one of the key tools used by marketers for lead generation, and to encourage visitors to take specific action. Basically, a landing page is any page on your website with the goal of influencing or encouraging a visitor to carry out an action. Landing pages must be straight to the point and created with a goal for conversion.

A lot of people usually use their home pages as landing pages. This is not really advisable, because the home page usually contains lots of information such as your company’s mission, the products you offer, navigation to other parts of the site and so on. This information can be quite overwhelming. A home page is great as an introduction to your business, but a landing page should be more focused on making the visitor take specific action.

Generally landing pages can be divided into two categories:

  • Those that encourage visitors to make a specific purchase
  • Those that encourage visitors to enter their personal information

Now that we’ve established that landing pages help you to direct site visitors to targeted pages that contain exact information/specific direction, and capture leads, how do you set up and optimize effective landing page? Here are 9 tips to guide you.

  1. Focus on a specific goal – Your landing page should revolve around ONE thing. What’s the exact action you want visitors to take? For example, if you want them to subscribe to your email list, there should be a clear field for them to submit their email address. Before you create your landing page, ask yourself ‘What action do I want the visitor to do?’ After answering this question, create a page with a laser focus on the action you want the visitor to take.
  2. Include the important elements of a landing page – Landing pages are used to convert visitors into leads by making them complete a transaction, or by getting their contact information. All effective landing pages must contain the following:
  • A headline
  • A catchy description of the action you want them to take. Make sure you highlight and emphasize the benefit for the customer.
  • Relevant images
  • Testimonials (If available)
  • A form to capture their information
Landing Page
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  • Facebook

3. Keep it simple– For landing pages, less is always more. Make sure you keep it simple, clear and uncluttered. This guarantees the best results. Overloading visitors with too much information just won’t cut it.

4. Prioritise the most important message– Visitors need to be able to figure out what exactly you want them to do at first glance. Keep the important message on top. Don’t make them have to scroll all the way to the bottom. Lead with your most relevant message and then provide supporting information. Make sure your copy is straight to the point and action-oriented in order to keep visitors engaged.

  1. Write a catchy headline – Catchy headlines hook visitors and increase your chances of success. Make sure your headline answers the question that will be on every visitor’s mind: ‘What do I stand to gain?’ Visitors should be able to discern from your headline that they can get the solution they’re seeking for if they follow your call to action, such as submitting their email address.
  2. Solve a problem – You need to provide specific benefits to your target audience. People don’t necessarily care about your brand. They care about how your brand can make their lives better. Your landing page should clearly highlight the benefits they get by responding to your call for action. Ensure the benefits are very clear.
  3. Provide a clear call to action– Make what you want the visitor to do very clear. For example, if you want them to submit their email addresses, you should make it very clear and show them exactly where to do so.
  4. Encourage social sharing– You should definitely add your social media sharing buttons, so visitors can share what you’re offering on your landing page. Make sure you only include the social media sites your audience uses. It’s also a good idea to add an email forwarding option. Even if the visitor doesn’t buy from you, someone in their network probably will.
  5. Display a simple opt-in form– Make it really easy for people to follow your call to action and opt into your mailing list. To encourage more people to do this, create a simple form using as few fields as possible. Simply providing a field for them to input an email address, will get you the best results. The more fields you have, the less likely people are to fill it.

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