The Present App is the Final Productivity Hack

In our world today, almost all our needs are a few clicks away. This increases the time we spend on our smartphones.

If you are part of the “smartphone generation”, you’d understand how addictive it is to constantly operate your phone. This ends up becoming so much distraction. Even when there are deadlines to meet; exams to write or tasks to carry out. There is no better time to get the Present app than now.

Coaches and experts constantly attempt to sell you ideas upon ideas that improve productivity. There are also lots of apps that promise to help boost productivity. But, none would work as the Present app is expected to.

The idea of the app sprang up from a deep understanding of the problems we face and the solutions that work. We understand the challenges that come with putting down your phone to read for that exam; following through that fitness goal; and doing other productive things that you desire. the present app is definitely all you’ve ever needed.

Present is the final productivity hack. With Present, you can reach your goals, pick new positive habits and improve productivity.

Once you install the app, you’d be able to set goals; cultivate new habits and complete tasks you intend to. The app will be able to track your ability to stay off your phone, and generally time spent on the productive activities you have decided to embark on.

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To serve as motivation, Present will reward you with points to help you form these habits; achieve future goals and become even more productive. You can purchase merchandise on the app with the points earned. Hence, we intend to partner with tried and trusted brands to make this work.

The points spent on purchases are properly tracked so you know where your earnings go into. The time you spend on each activity is also tracked allow you to observe your productivity associated with different tasks and see where you can improve. You’d also be able to track your achievements on the app and the points you have earned as well as share your progress with friends.

You can add friends on Present. Your friends can motivate you to keep to your target and celebrate the strides you make. Birds of a feather flock together, they say. You have to carry your friends along on your journey to improved productivity. You’d be able to tackle tasks more efficiently within the right time frame using Present regularly.

Setting up an account is as easy as ABC. You can register via your Facebook account. This doesn’t give Present rights to your Facebook account. And activities on the app don’t get shared on your Facebook profile. You can as well register with your email address. That’s the only info you provide to us. We are security conscious and do not require your data to assist you to improve your productivity.

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The app is easy to navigate. The app wouldn’t take up much space. The app wouldn’t consume as much data. The app will be available on all smartphones.

To bring Present to reality, funding is a prerequisite. Funds are required for the design, development and marketing of the app. For our first round of funding, we hope to raise $25,000. Hence, we seek your donation to actualize this dream.

When you donate to this course, you feel the joy that comes from being a part of our journey to help users curb distractions. As a donor, you will have free access to the Present app for the first year; test the app and be amongst the first to experience the true feel of the final productivity hack. Join us via the link below and let’s make this happen.

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